There are many investigative firms out there trying to tell you they are the best. However, talking about being the best will never outweigh showing you are the best.

Infinity Incorporated has experience in a variety of specialties that can help you and your organization. We do in-depth analysis of the information and work with the client with the investigative details we find, as to discover the next best course of action. We walk the walk not just talk the talk.

We specialize in the following solutions for both individuals and firms:
  • Asset Recovery
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Background Checks
  • Training
  • Broker/Dealer Investigations
  • Process Serving
  • Other Solutions
Infinity Incorporated offers our clients the business-critical, deal-related information they need when making a decision. We identify problems and concerns, assess case strengths and weaknesses, provide input on discovery requests, analyze performance results, and provide necessary due diligence for our clients. Our experienced staff will seek to sort out the information that is useful to our clients.